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  MET Girl
  Quinn Kolowsky
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March 2009
  Bulgarian Girl
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August 2008 (late)
  One of Two x 4
  Corset Girl x 2
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August 2008 (early)
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July 2008
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April 2008 (Southampton)
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April 2008 (Brighton)
  Girlfriend Material
  Paris Hilton
March 2008
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November 2007
  One of Two
  Girl Of My Dreams 3
  She Wants Me
  Little Miss Trouble
September 2007
  Little Cute Pole 3
  Girl Of My Dreams 1
  Comley Girl
  Little Cute Pole 4
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June 2007
  Model Swimmer
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  Green Skirt Girl 3
  Poor Girl
  Little Cute Pole 2
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  Green Skirt Girl 4
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April 2007
  First RLD Girl
  Cocaine Blonde
  Green Skirt Girl 1
  Dutch Girl 1
  DDD Girl
  Little Cute Pole 2
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  Dutch Girl 2
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  Dutch Girl 3
  Green Skirt Girl 2
January 2006 (USA)
  Life Saver
  South American
  Run Away
  Run Away
January 2005 (USA)
  Life Saver
June 2005 (USA)
  First Ho

Welcome To Mr Awesomess Amsterdam Red Light District Memoirs

This site is aimed at providing an account of my times in the Red Light District (RLD) of Amsterdam from, hopefully, a prosaic perspective. For me the RLD is more about the memory, the dream, the scent of sasperella, that something thats not there, but it is.

Its also a way for me to log my good times and hopefully provide an interesting read for like minded people. Its not designed to be earth shattering, but in a simple way, a poetic account of a great historic wonder of the world that we can still use today.

Its also a way for me to explore wat theRLD means to me, pay homage to the brave girls that put up with me, and stuff like that. etc etc.

To the left you will see a lift of events. These are times I spent in Amsterdam. I do not use real names but in some instances will describe people such that those in the know will know. This is a work in progress and I often forget about them so come back every year or so.

I also want to keep a gallery of RLD photos. Not of peaople, but of the incidental. I dont intend to take many of these photos myself, but swipe what ever I can get from the internet when I see it. I live in fear of being thrown in the canal if I take photos myself, lol.

I see the RLD from an artistic perspective and very much like the olde world reference to ho's. My narritive might bore alot of people, but its actually aimed at capturing the spirit of the place from my perspective, in the here and now.

As to exactly how it takes shape, we'll have to wait and see.